Customize the LifterLMS Login with Elementor Pro

A lot of LifterLMS users are interested in customizing the look and feel of the LifterLMS login and in today’s video I go through how you can do that… sort of.

Without using a forms add-on to modify the LifterLMS login, we can use a Elementor Pro Widget called ‘Login’ to custom design a login form. I use a free plugin called dynamic visibility that allows you to display Elementor widgets based on users’ logged in or logged out status.

With this setup I can display the login form to logged out users and the student dashboard to logged in users. Check that out in the video here:

Here are some links to resources I discussed in this post:

Elementor Page Builder:

Dynamic Visibility:


Here is a link to a coupon code you can use if you do purchase any products from LifterLMS:

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