Updating Large Amounts of Lessons at Once with WP Fusion

This job was to update 2400+ lessons all with the same WP Fusion setting in bulk, it took 2 hours to:

  • Find the wpf-settings item in the database
  • Get the SQL command right
  • Test it all on my server
  • Find issues on the customer server with many different subdomains and huge database
  • Run backup
  • Clear out existing settings since some posts had 3 of the same setting for each lesson so I cleared them out and ran the insert for lessons and it got all 2458 lessons.

Paying $300 was worth it in this case to save time for the client.

With 2458 lessons, assuming it takes 30 seconds per lesson to load the page, select the setting, and select the dashboard page to redirect to. That would be a pretty good pace for a virtual assistant. That would take about 20.5 hours. At $15/hour

Turning a 20-25 hour job into a 2 hour job saved some money in this case. It is close though on time. If it’s 20 hours at $15/hour, that’s $300, but in this case $300 for 2 hours of work would be about equal and faster.

This video below is what we did on that site:

LifterLMS was also used in this example, but this would apply to other LMS tools as well.


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