Why you should have Terms & Conditions

If I got sued, I’d shit my pants. Fortunately for me, I wear adult diapers. Sometimes, but not really, but if I didn’t have a plan to handle my privacy policy, terms of service, and security policy on my website, I would need to wear adult diapers. There are services out there that can help you generate: Those policies are often overlooked by people I consult with, but in this

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Back that up

Backups have saved my life, not in a literal way, but in a relief way. I’ve been in a handful of situations in my career where I need to restore to a backup Fortunately for the most part, I know what I’m doing, so it’s rarely needed, but in the cases it is needed, I thank the lord I did it. Like holy shit. You know that feeling when your

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How to Embed Vimeo Videos in LifterLMS Lessons

In this tutorial, Will from WPCourseGuide talks about how you can embed a Vimeo video in a LifterLMS lesson. Users who want to use the Advanced Videos features of LifterLMS, will use the Vimeo video hosting service as a way to integrate with requiring video completion for LifterLMS lessons. Check out LifterLMS here: https://WPCourseGuide.com/LifterLMS

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Updating Large Amounts of Lessons at Once with WP Fusion

This job was to update 2400+ lessons all with the same WP Fusion setting in bulk, it took 2 hours to: Paying $300 was worth it in this case to save time for the client. With 2458 lessons, assuming it takes 30 seconds per lesson to load the page, select the setting, and select the dashboard page to redirect to. That would be a pretty good pace for a virtual

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Image Optimization Tips for WordPress

Will Middleton talks about how you can optimize your images in WordPress if you’re taking pictures on iPhone and trying to upload to WordPress, you may have run into an issue where those HEIC image files won’t upload to the site, so we’ll need to convert those to JPG. I also talk through making images smaller to fit the screen and also changing the image file format to WEBP to

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