Why you should have Terms & Conditions

If I got sued, I’d shit my pants.

Fortunately for me, I wear adult diapers.

Sometimes, but not really, but if I didn’t have a plan to handle my privacy policy, terms of service, and security policy on my website, I would need to wear adult diapers.

There are services out there that can help you generate:

  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy
  • Security policy

Those policies are often overlooked by people I consult with, but in this post, I want to outline how easy it is to get those policies in place and why I recommend doing it.

To start off: Termageddon is the main service/tool I use for that.

It’s a site I’ve recommended for clients to check out for years, it’s always a situation where having a lawyer to help you is the best solution, but in the case you can’t afford that or don’t want to even figure out how much it would realistically cost to work with a lawyer, I’d recommend Termageddon to help protect your ass as much as possible.

How it works is by having you fill out a menagerie of checkboxes and fill in the blank questions about your business that then saves in your account and then you take their html embed thing and put it on your website for terms and privacy policies.

A html embed thing looks something like this: 

<div id=“policy” width=“640px” blah blah blah>

And that little html thing will pull in the policy from their website with all the settings you selected for your business.

The neat thing about that is that it will dynamically update when new laws are released that apply to certain revisions you do business in.

So like if you sell to customers in Chicago (very scary place), then when an Illinois law updates or a city of Chicago law updates, your policy will update too.

That’s pretty neat.

I’m biased because I know these people at least a little bit and I like them.

But I think this is a very neat solution to the problem of how small businesses can limit their liability for like $12/month or like $119/year or something.

Like affordably deal with the looming threat of legal bs.

I’ve been recommending this service for about 5 years now, but I just got into the affiliate program, so click that link below to check out their page, and if you do decide to buy, I think they give William a $2 kickback.


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